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What our guests have said.

Daniel G

Worcester, MA

A great place to stay. Very cozy and ADK themed. They put chocolate in our room which was a lovely touch. The beds were very warm and soft, made for a good night’s rest. Was a wonderful stay would recommend to anyone in the area!!

Ken C

Hauppauge, NY

This is THE place you want to stay if you are visiting Schroon Lake, NY or in the Schroon Lake area. THIS "IS" THE PLACE you want to stay. Everything is literally brand new. The décor of the room is breath taking. 21st Century Modern style while maintaining the Mountain colors. Location is RIGHT IN TOWN! There is no way I would ever stay anywhere else.

Steve S

Nutley, NJ

The Adirondack Inn is brand new and immaculate. Very nice architecture too.  The town is a lot like Mayberry with a place-your-order bread bakery, an old-time movie theatre, a very nice park next to the lake, wine tasting within walking distance, a nearby cave/natural bridge, hiking trails, star-trek museum in Ticonderoga, etc.

If you like Mayberry, a quaint downtown, the outdoors, a slower pace and life's simple pleasures, you'll like Schroon and if you stay at the Adirondack Inn, you will experience hospitality and customer care that the top end hotel chains would envy.  Overall, it was a great stay and a great vacation.

Kyle P

Cranbury, NJ

Recently returned to the Adirondack Inn--it has become my number-one choice for lodging in the heart of the ADKs. Centrally situated in the picturesque town of Schroon Lake, it is convenient to most everything the region has to offer. The proprietors, John and Cheryl Fear, have created a welcoming, clean and comfortable place to stay. When I arrived I was warmly greeted by John and Cheryl, who were outside chatting with a couple of guests enjoying the evening from a pair of Adirondack chairs parked in front of the Inn. How nice! 

Karla & Katie

Lanaster, PA

We loved this warm and welcoming Inn! Just came down for a weekend visit. It was perfect! We loved hearing the story of how John and Cheryl rescued this Inn. We look forward to coming back.

Sharon K

Minoa, NY

My son and I came for the night to experience Schroon Lake in the winter for the first time. I’ve been coming in the summer since 1960 and this was a treat! Love The Adirondack Inn – gracious hosts and beautiful room!

Colleen & Wayne L

Saranac, NY

We came to Schroon Lake for a one night “getaway” to celebrate Valentine’s Day and felt so welcomed. We enjoyed this town, so many friendly people! We will definitely look forward to coming back and we will be staying here again! Loved it!

Lisa P

Parsippany, NJ

After a long and dangerous drive in the ice, we found The Adirondack Inn. My girls and I feel so blessed to have found such a warm and loving sanctuary out of the weather. We can’t thank you enough for your amazing hospitality!

Leo D & Anne B

St Albert, Canada

After a long day of travel, we found our way to this lovely place. We plan to return one day in the summer. We loved the décor in the room and it made it a cozy place to stay.

Sue B

Rockport, NY

It’s so nice to finally have an alternative to stay in Schroon Lake. Your kind consideration to provide a handicap accessible room is greatly appreciated. Your attention to detail is evident everywhere; from providing the best in comfort to a décor that fits well with the character of this town. Your friendly attitude ensures you will be well regarded and a good fit. I can tell everyone I know that you did a great job and that the inside is every bit as nice as the outside. I look forward to my next stay.

Penny & Bill B

Ballston Lake, NY

We just wanted to say, we had an awesome stay with you. Being outdoors people, we so loved the décor. What a warm welcome we received, all the comforts of home +. We will certainly be coming back. Your love for the Adirondacks certainly shows thru the beauty in all your renovations. Looking forward to the next time.

Tony L & Jennifer N

Queensbury, NY

We arrived Friday night with such excitement and we were definitely not disappointed. The Adirondack Inn will be our winter weekend getaway. We are so happy that you had the “vision” and have done a wonderful job.

Jerri S & Ginny L

Milford, PA

Lovely, lovely, lovely! Thank you so much for providing such comfort in beautiful surroundings. Your attention to detail has not gone unnoticed. We look forward to seeing you during the summer months when we are in our own home, but our “winter” Schroon Lake home will be The Adirondack Inn. Thanks again, and our very best to you!

Patty & Jim B

Sussex, NJ

“We so enjoyed our visit to The Adirondack Inn. We look forward to a return visit. Thank you Cheryl and John for providing such a welcoming environment; truly a home away from home.”

Lloyd & Dottie P

Northfield, MA

Cheryl and John are gracious hosts. The renovations are tasteful and homey. We would definitely stay here again. Great location!

Elizabeth G


“This is so much more than your typical “Inn”. John and Cheryl, you two are wonderful and I am so glad to have experienced the outcome of your hard work. The room is truly your own personal lodge away from home. Thank you for the perfect stay, and I wish you many successes with your beautiful Inn. I will definitely recommend your place to everyone I know (and probably those I don’t). ”

Molly D

Ithaca, NY

“You’ve done a wonderful job in restoring this place – so tasteful and “Adirondacky”. It was a very comfortable room – quiet, clean and homey. I wish you much success in you new business venture!”

Michael & Rebecca

Asheville, NC

Rebecca and I loved staying at the Adirondack Inn. John and Cheryl's renovations really make this Inn a special place to stay. Right next to the lake and in the middle of town. We'll come again for sure.

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